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As publishers become more corporate, global and boring, IRON Press champions new quality writing as it has done since 1973. IRON runs events and launches; it also thinks literature is both serious and fun.

IRON Press editor Peter Mortimer spills the beans about the life of a small publisher.

An historic book back in print

We first published this historic little book in 1992 and it ran to six prints.

The Haiku Hundred sold more than 10,000 copies making it the biggest selling book of English language haiku in the UK. It has been out of print for many years but is now published in a new format with every one of the 100 haiku intact.

We would be delighted to hear from many of the authors who, in the intervening twenty-three years, are no longer contactable. This would enable us to send them complimentary copies.

Read more about The Haiku Hundred here...

Coming in 2016

A scabrous canto on the imagined sexual adventures of Margaret Thatcher, darkly humorous poems inspired by the author's schooldays, a book of haiku looking at birth, death and many stopping places between and a collection of richly comic poems springing from the experiences of a being a lifetime stutterer.

These are some of the delights to be found in our future books list: See our Coming Soon section.


Writers who undertook our Baiku journey with poet David Bateman during the ECLECTIC IRON festival are reminded that we are keen to see any haiku that result from the journey and from the workshop that followed. If enough quality stuff results, we shall consider doing a small collection.

Please email the haiku to us at or send via surface mail to our postal address with a SAE.

Submissions - No unsolicited submissions please. We are a small press. We do not publish novels. Our range is poetry, (including haiku), collections of short stories, and anthologies of verse and prose. If you think you have something that might interest us, firstly email us with brief details. Thanks!

Photo of the IRON gate © 2015 Dylan Mortimer; IRON gate made by John Charlton, from the original logo design by Geoff Laws.

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