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As publishers become more corporate, global and boring, IRON Press champions new quality writing as it has done since 1973. IRON runs events and launches; it also thinks literature is both serious and fun.

IRON Press editor Peter Mortimer chooses his words carefully in his latest entry on the Inpress blog.

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IRON in the Soul: the publicity flyer

The Third IRON Press Festival of Words, Music & Oddities
Cullercoats, June 8 - 11, 2017

After two highly successful celebrations in 2013 and 2015, Cullercoats publisher IRON Press has announced news of a third festival, IRON in the Soul, to be held in June 2017.

Once again, the distinctive North East village sea front will play host to a succession of eye-catching and unusual events combining the famous and the downright odd (look out for the midnight launch of our ghost story anthology!). Read all about IRON in the Soul here - and now you can:

The Water Thief and the Manatee Cold Iron The Northumborman by Fred Reed CONNECTOMICS by Alison Calder Cornershop Cowgirl by Alison Carr

Festival Launches

As well as all the excitements of the festival itself - Words, Music & Oddities - IRON in the Soul, the Third IRON Press Festival sees very special launch events for two very special new books!

First, on the afternoon of June 10th, comes the launch of a a modern fable by Kitty Fitzgerald, a highly readable short book which is also a political, ecological and cultural fable.

In The Water Thief and the Manatee a young girl and her father on a small island are confronted with the reality and cruelty of global market forces when the local well and water supply are annexed. For support they call upon the mythical powers of the manatee.

The book is illustrated by Easington based artist Nicola Balfour whose artwork will be on display.

There then follows a unique launch for what we feel will be a unique book. The event takes place at midnight on Saturday June 10th in the magnificent St. George's Church, perched on the Cullercoats clifftops. Four of the writers will be picked to read extracts from their work, and hot cocoa will be available. There weill also be live organ music to enhance the atmosphere.

Editors Peter Mortimer and Eileen Jones during these six months have broken off from reading submissions only for toilet breaks and quick snatches of sleep. Their eclectic mix of chosen new ghost stories finds ghosts at supermarket check-outs, on late night buses, in cancer wards, with TV installation men, on film sets and alongside council motor mowers - to mention only a few; a 21st century slant on this most traditional of short story forms.

New Poetry from IRON Press

New in March, The Northumborman collects for the first time in one volume the dialect poetry of Fred Reed. Since his death in 1985, Reed's reputation has grown. He's been called 'the English Burns', and his work has been compared to that of MacDiarmid.

More information about The Northumborman, including publication details.

CONNECTOMICS, the new collection from Winnipeg poet Alison Calder, is subtitled 'poems of the brain'. She brings together art and neuroscience in a highly unusual way, asking us to look at our brains (and implicitly ourselves and our lives, our forgotten and remembered pasts) through the lens of bioscience refracted in turn through the mind of the poet.

More about CONNECTOMICS by Alison Calder including how to buy a copy!

Alison Carr's unusual collection, Cornershop Cowgirl links the culture of the USA's wild west with the post-industrial blight of the contemporary North East of England, especially Teesside. This unique amalgam of cultural and social references produces a diverse mix of poetry from a distinctive new voice.

More about Cornershop Cowgirl


Peter Mortimer and Peta Hemmings, circa 1976

An historic photo, circa 1976 from the ramshackle premises of the much missed Tyneside Free Press Workshop in Charlotte Square, Newcastle, where early editions of IRON Magazine were printed.

A remarkably hirsute IRON editor Peter Mortimer checks out the copies before trimming them on the wonderful cast iron guillotine whose wheel (visible on the photo) was revolved by hand.

On the right is assistant editor Peta Hemmings, who was also then his partner and whose loons width make Peter's own versions look quite conservative. Peta went on to marry the IRON magazine art editor Geoff Laws, and they now live in Jesmond.

SUBMISSIONS: An Announcement

Small press editors sometimes need a breather both to retain their sanity and to reduce the likelyhood of being submerged by hopeful writers' work. IRON Press now has more than two years of new books in the pipeline. And we are girding up for the dubious delights of putting together a new Arts Council England application.

We are therefore not currently accepting submissions. Editor Peter Mortimer says: "Much as I am excited by and love seeing new writing in print, I am taking a break until the end of the year from considering any more mss. Please indulge me. The alternative is a broken man."

Many thanks!

Photo of the IRON gate © 2015 Dylan Mortimer; IRON gate made by John Charlton, from the original logo design by Geoff Laws.

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