The Third IRON Press Festival of Words, Music & Oddities
Cullercoats, June 8 - 11, 2017

Booking is now open for the third festival from Cullercoats publisher IRON Press, following two highly successful celebrations in 2013 and 2015. IRON in the Soul will be held in June 2017, and now you can:

Once again, the distinctive North East village sea front will play host to a succession of eye-catching and unusual events combining the famous and the downright odd. Some highlights include:

Once again The Festival hopes to use The Crescent Club, The Community Centre, The Fishermen's Mission, the RNLI, The Salt House and the Watch House, this year also including recent additions to the village life, The Bike & Kayak Centre and The Boat Yard. Once again the Festival Fringe will take place on the bottom corner of Mast Lane and there are plans for a late-night club.

IRON Press editor Peter Mortimer commented, "The unique nature of Cullercoats, plus the unusual mix of events and venues has helped to make the first two festivals very special and distinctive, attracting large numbers to the village. We fully intend to carry on in that vein."

The first festival, The IRON Age won the Best Event Tyneside category in the 2014 Journal Culture Awards (read more about the IRON Age here). The second festival was titled Eclectic IRON.

Readers’ Groups - IRON Press is keen to promote reading. We can offer you good discounts on bulk ordering of any of our titles for your readers' groups. We may also be able to put you in touch with the writers if you'd like them to visit your group - do remember that writers need to live and eat, don't expect them to do readings/workshops for nothing. Your regional arts boards may be able to help you with funding information for writer's events

Readers and Writers - IRON Press itself can do events for readers and writers. We can offer a bookstall, a talk on Getting Published or How Small Presses Work or Poetry or Haiku or Getting Started in Writing, as well as readings. For more details e-mail us on .

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