100 Island Poems

100 Island Poems of Great Britain and Ireland

of Great Britain and Ireland

Edited by James Knox Whittet

A first-ever anthology celebrating the hundreds of varied islands scattered off Britain and Ireland's coasts. The book includes such well-known poets as John Betjeman, Seamus Heaney, Kathleen Jamie, Tony Harrison, Kathleen Raine and Eavan Boland, but also many lesser known voices. The work responds to large islands such as the Isle of Wight, tiny uninhabited ones such as St.Cuthbert's, and remote ones off the north of Scotland.

This is a wide-ranging and vibrant poetic response to the many offshore locales and civilisations scattered round our islands, often pinpointing a way of life quite different to that lived on the mainland.

ISBN: 978-0-906228-97-5
Price £9.00
Published in June 2005

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