David Cobb (Editor)

A Bi-lingual anthology

IRON Press, the UK's leading independent publisher of haiku, presents the very best contemporary examples of the form from throughout Europe.

From Wales to Romania, Hercegovina to Hungary, Russia to Spain, this new anthology offers 80 haiku from 26 countries, each published both in its native language and in English. There's even one haiku in Latin!

The anthology affirms the growing popularity of the short verse form, which until comparatively recently was linked almost exclusively with Japan.

Haiku has now swept the world, and is appreciated by many people who give most modern poetry a wide berth.

our first day
in the EU - the sun
still rises east

Edin Saracevic (Slovenia)
Driving at sixty.
Gently into my car
floats a willow seed

Bart Mesotten (Belgium)

ISBN: 978-0-955245-02-2
Price £6.00
Published in April 2007

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