Jack and Bill and               

the Fogrunt Amulet

Jack and Bill and the Fogrunt Amulet

by the Brothers Grime

Part lurid fairy tale, part dystopian parable, this book is a caustic poetic commentary on the impact of pornography on the social imagination.

Set in faraway Cloudland during the reign of King Wobblyknobble, it tells of how the Fogrunt Amulet falls into the hands of the hapless Kitty Flaps and of the sordid events that transpire. The powers of the amulet, a treasured charm woven from the golden hairs of the long-departed Mother Feakle, must be destroyed before the appearance of the terrible Black Sow wreaks havoc.

Enter Jack and Bill, two oafs from Cobblerswood charged with the momentous task.

ISBN: 978-0-9954579-7-3
Price £8.00
Published in November 2018

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