Bernini’s Cat

Bernini's Cat
Bernini's Cat

Poems by Gerda Mayer

What the critics say about Gerda Meyer…

'Fans of Gerda Mayer will be delighted with her new collection. Short, spare, deceptively simple…her range is wide. The poems have a vivid imagistic clarity…deliciously wicked…bittersweet sadness…' - Katie Campbell CITY LIMITS

'One of the most tactful namers of the Holocaust but her poems of everyday disenchantment are deepened by a powerful bitterness. She is funny but never a stand-up comedian. Like Stevie Smith she writes children's rhymes for grown-ups.' - Peter Porter THE OBSERVER

'Marvellous poetry for everyone…she offers fragments of experience; lays small insights at the reader's feet, turns them inside out, and leaves her readers delighted and surprised.' - Jan Thompson AMBIT

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