Grief Road

             Poems of Loss & Celebration

Grief Road

Vanessa Furse Jackson

The poems in this collection trace the journey of grief taken by Vanessa Furse Jackson after she lost her husband Robb. Yet while profoundly moving, they are not despairing or dispiriting. The poems are powerful, continually surprising and always sensitive to place and atmosphere.

The road travelled may be a personal one, but the discoveries along the way have universal resonance, offering comfort to any who have suffered a similar experience. These are poems both rich and strange, sorrowful yet celebratory and ultimately reaching towards hope.

This unexpected journey of grief
demands as fee a constant plucking
pulling out sharp stings of memory
again and again.

      - You Ask Me How I Feel

ISBN: 978-1-9997636-6-4
Price £8.00
Published in November 2019

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