In the Pupil's Mirror

In the Pupil's Mirror

Modern Walloon Poetry from Belgium

Translated by Yann Lovelock

As this varied anthology proves, there is much more to Belgium than Hercule Poirot, Jean Claude Van Damme and EU directives from Brussels.

The Modernist dialect poetry from Liège equals the best in Europe and is more accessible than most. In this collection, Yann Lovelock introduces us to six poets, using a variety of styles (and occasionally breaking into brogue).

Recently elected a corresponding member of the Walloon Dialect Academy, Lovelock is a well-known specialist in Low Countries poetry and also translates from Dutch.

So forget high-speed trains through the Channel Tunnel; journey instead in the strange and imaginative country east of Brussels.

ISBN: 978-0-906228-65-4
Price (was £6.95) now £5.21
Published in February 1998

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