IRON Women

IRON Women - New Short Stories by Women

New Stories by Women

A baby speaks from inside the womb, an alcoholic child dreams of aliens, a woman discovers she can fly, inter-racial adoption is seen through a child's eyes; stories of arranged marriages, of the cruelty of parents, of madness.

IRON Women brings eighteen new stories from eighteen new voices, an often disturbing collection run through with a strong thread of wisdom, optimism, and the power of imagination.

The writers are Leland Bardwell, Jaq Bayles, Helen Dunmore, Daphne Glazer, Nicola Griffith, Anne Liddon, Anna McGrail, Devi Maharaj, Jan Maloney, C. Merriman, Liz Minnikin, Patricia Parris, Doreen Piano, Daphne Rock, Elizabeth Raintree, Sandi Russell, J.A. Tate and Wendy Wallace.

"an excellent anthology"

Northern Echo

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ISBN: 978-0-906228-34-0
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Published in March 1990

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