Tales from the Leaking Boot

Tales from the Leaking Boot

Matt Black

These four travel journals of wide-eyed, sharp and humorous haiku lead the reader on a road trip through philosophy, cheese and the unlikely role of Mr Bean in Germany.

We travel through the lemon groves, fish markets and Vodaphone ringtones of Turkey, through the streets of Austin, Texas and finally to the amusement arcades and shell-strewn beach of Cleethorpes.

Right to work, bail bonds,
no welfare, no state housing -
Don't Mess With Texas

*  *  *  

Bucket and Spade pub.
Drunk holiday eyes watch ferries
Bound for Amsterdam

A new collection from the 2013 Derbyshire Poet Laureate.

A6 size book with eyecatching cover by Jackie Prachek.

ISBN: 978-0-9954579-2-8
Price £7.00
Published in April 2018

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