North - Six Plays by C.P. Taylor

Peter Pan Man  |  The Black and White Minstrels  |  Gynt!  |  You are my Heart's Delight  |  To Be a Farmer's Boy  |  Bring me Sunshine, Bring me Smiles

Illustrating the range and vision of a most humane writer, this anthology brings together six previously unpublished but successfully staged plays by C.P. Taylor.

Taylor was unique in being equally at ease writing for the RSC and the West End or local theatre such as the Newcastle-based Live Theatre Co. He died aged 52 in 1981, leaving a phenomenal legacy of more than 70 plays written in little more than 20 years.

His other published works include: Good, and a Nightingale Sang... and Live Theatre: Four Plays for Young People

ISBN: 978-0-413164-70-4
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North is out of print.

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