Rain Hare

Eight Short Stories

Rain Hare - Eight Short Stories by Anna Barker

by Anna Barker

A recently bereaved father reconnects with his son while fishing for tunny. An elderly man with Alzheimer's becomes lost in a storm while birdwatching on Holy Island. A young woman with anorexia withdraws to a seaside cottage to discover her new shape. A young boy confronts his parent's sexuality and his own during a hot summer by a lake. Woman becomes hare in a story about sexual predation and the fragility of love in post-war farming England.

In these eight tales, award-winning novelist Anna Barker ventures into short fiction with stories that explore the connections we make and lose. Barker is skilful at depicting the reality of modern human experience and these stories, all rooted in the northern landscape, are disconcerting and moving in equal measure. All are masterfully crafted.

ISBN: 978-1-8383444-4-3
Price £9.00

Rain Hare will be published in July 2022.

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