Occasional Remedies

Occasional Remedies

Poems by John Fox

JOHN FOX is best known as the Artistic Director of the legendary celebratory arts company Welfare State International (1968-2006) which performed large scale and spectacular theatre throughout the world.

Now, in this his fourth poetry collection, John has conjured up more than fifty poems and drawings from his Cumbrian base with a unique perspective on a changing social and cultural life.

Roy was once a coal man.
Now does a good chocolate chip.
From Vanman

*  *  *

The same sun for us and for them.
A bullet star. A diadem.
Ice Age trees steaming on the northern edge
skins drying on a makeshift fence.
From Iron Age Fort

ISBN: 978-1-8383444-8-1
Price £8.00
Published in January 2024

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