SHTUM: The Stutter Poems

The Stutter Poems

David Bateman

Written with wit, technical skill and a personal knowledge of the subject matter, SHTUM explores stammering not just as a communication blockage, but also in its other aspects including stigma, bullying, isolation and avoidance.

This unusual poetry (and prose) collection also follows the therapeutic experience, both successful and otherwise. The pieces often come at their topics from quite surprising angles - including the stammer as a luxury item.

The previous David Bateman poetry collection from IRON Press was the unique and at times absurdist Curse of the Killer Hedge.

"Speaking as a one-time stammerer, I find these poems painfully effective."

Neil Astley, editor, Bloodaxe Books

ISBN: 978-0-993124-54-9
Price £8.00
Published in October 2016

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