Star Trek

Star Trek - the poems

the poems

edited by Valerie Laws

STAR TREK is part of our lives, our childhoods. We remember thrilling to the heroism and danger of space adventure; cutting our sexual teeth on fantasies about Uhura's legs, Data and Spock's entrancing unattainability, Picard's wonderful voice and shining head.

The opening lines of each episode, the catch phrases, are hard-wired into our consciousness. To boldly go, beam me up Scotty, the final frontier... part of our shared culture in the same way that the myths of the Greeks and Romans were to our ancestors.

But how would the STAR TREK crew cope with the Miners' strike, an encounter with a writer-in-residence in outer space, or a simple request for the toilet? This book holds the answer to these and many other questions.

ISBN: 978-0-906228-77-7
Price (was £5.99) now £4.49
Published in May 2000

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