The little book
of The Big Girls

The little Book of The Big Girls

Cartoons by Annie Lawson

This work is a loose cannon in the canon of liberal opinion.

Parts One and Two of Annie Lawson's book of 'post-post modernist cartoons' were serialised in The Weekend Guardian. Part Three, The Trial of Mervyn Blagg is published here for the first time, Lawson's razor edge wit and satire ensuring that nothing is sacred.

Annie Lawson was born in Yorkshire and brought up in an environment she describes as 'virtual reality Alan Bennett'. In 1982 she was posted to the socio-sexual battlefield as official Sex War commentator.

Her graphic reports have been widely reproduced in books and journals, and on postcards, calendars and t-shirts.

ISBN: 978-0-906228-47-0
Price (was £3.50) now £2.36
Published in October 1993

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