The Singing Men

The Singing Men

by Derek Gregory

edited by Mark Adlard

Teessider Derek Gregory died in 1996. His legacy to the writing world, till now, was as the respected editor of the erstwhile literary magazine, Tees Valley Writer.

This collection of stories was found by Hartlepool novelist Mark Adlard, who also edited the book. Many of them have never been published before.

The story locations range from a 30s train from Poland to Germany, an African hydro-electric dam, a modern-day hypermarket, and a shipbuilding town on the eve of a launch which will prove to be the last. Derek Gregory's characters are often obsessed - by childlessness, by bees, by water. The fascination with the morbid and ghastly is redeemed by the author's dark potent humour, and a writing style that affirms the transforming power of words.

ISBN: 978-0-906228-86-9
Price £7.00
Published in October 2002

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