Voices of Conscience

Voices of Conscience

Poetry from Oppression

Voices of Conscience is a worldwide collection of poems from forty languages by more than 150 twentieth-century poets recording, often in harrowing terms, the experience of state-inflicted oppression and terror.

Though the poems are at times shockingly painful, the poetry is one of survival and resistance; an affirmation of language and life. From anger through to lyrical calm, the writers give voice to an extraordinary rooted and liberating poetry.

Beginning with Armenian massacres of 1915, through to the Holocaust, Stalinist Russia, Latin America, China in the late '80s, and voices close to home, poetry was and is the lifeblood of the struggle against tyranny and apathy.

All the poets, translators and publishers in this collection have given free permission for their poems to be included.

ISBN: 978-0-906228-53-1
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